It goes without saying that New Year’s Eve in 2021 will be different from previous years, as social distancing is still a thing, and public health is the top priority. We might postpone gatherings with friends, clubbing and parties for our next, Covid-free New Year’s Eve, but this does not mean that we should spend the first day of 2021 in a boring and pessimistic way. With positive vibes, our closest people, and hope for better days to come, we can make this day, a day to remember! So, let’s take a look at 3 exciting ways to spend New Year’s Eve, that combine  fun activities with tasty foods and drinks.

1. For a Fancy night: Best Outfit Contest, Hot Spiced Sangria & Struffoli

It is absolutely ok to want to wear your PJ’s even on New Year’s, but who ever took cute photos wearing PJ’s? Organize a Best Outfit Contest with your beloved ones, and dress up! Whoever gathers the most votes for their fancy outfit, will receive a small but heartful gift, and lots of fun photos and selfies could follow. Combine your contest with hot sangria, made with hot spices and fresh winter fruits, to-literally- add a little bit of spice to your New Year’s Eve. Also, you can make some Italian Struffoli , as those little honey bites go very well with sangria and are perfect for adding a sweet flavor. Plus, they are covered with sprinkled colors, so they are a fantastic prop for your pics!

Hot Sangria

2. For a Chill night: Movies & Board Games, Hot Chocolate & Bûche de Noel

If dressing up and taking photos is not what you are craving for your New Year’s Eve, and you seek a relaxing way to spend it with your family, the classic recipe is movies and/or board games. From romantic movies, like “About time” and “The holiday”, to kids’ movies like “Winnie the Pooh: A Very Merry Pooh Year” or “Ghostbusters 2”, there is plenty of movies you can watch together and feel the warmth of family moments. And, because nothing is as good when there’s no food, you can prepare hot chocolate for everyone, and eat delicious Bûche de Noel (Yule log), that your kids will love. 

Bûche de Noel

3. For a Get-together night: Virtual gatherings, Vin Chaud & pestiños

You might not be able to hug your friends or family, but you can certainly get together virtually, to recap the year that has passed, share memories and new year’s resolutions and laugh together. If you decide to do so, it’s a fun idea to send them some online invitations, figure out a smart name for your gathering, and tell everyone to dress up! So, on New Year’s Eve, open your PC and grab a glass of Vin Chaud (mulled wine), the perfect drink for an online party with your beloved ones. To make the night even better, you can very easily prepare some pestiños, the Spanish, fried, sugar-coated sweets.

Vin Chaud

Whatever way you decide to spend your New Year’s Eve in, the most important thing is to take some time to think about both the goods and the bads of 2020, because, no matter how hard this year was for us humans, there are always positive memories and useful lessons we take, that make us move forward and focus on the important things in life. Enjoy your New year’s Eve, and have a Happy 2021!