Did you know that November is the World Vegan Month? Probably yes, if you are vegan, or just interested in learning more about this diet, that has a lot in common with the Mediterranean diet.

The Vegan diet is fully plant-based, whereas the Mediterranean diet focuses on plant-based foods but without excluding animal products.

 Both of them are found to improve cardiovascular health and reduce cholesterol, along with other benefits. In case you are looking for cooking inspiration and want to explore vegan and/or Mediterranean recipes, this article is for you! 

Greek Dolmades 

Dolmades are a popular appetizer in Greece, and their vegan version consists of vine leaves stuffed with rice. Enriched with herbs and aromatic vegetables and accompanied by a yoghurt sauce, dolmades are a very delicious and healthy dish. 

Apart from satisfying your taste buds, dolmades can provide you with vitamins, namely Vitamin A and C, and polyphenols, namely antioxidants that can act against diseases like cancer.  

Moroccan Vegetable Tagine 

Vegetable Tagine is a one-pot meal rich in Moroccan warm flavors, both sweet and savory. It describes a slowly cooked stew that consists of various ingredients, including carrots, potatoes, chickpeas, garlic, onions, olive oil and spices, with Harissa being the condiment that adds a distinctive flavor in the dish. 

Mixing all those ingredients results in a delicious and perfectly balanced rainbow that offers you detoxification, high intake in iron, vitamins, and proteins as well.   

Italian Pasta e Fagioli  

Italians are known for their mastery of cooking pasta, and this comforting and easy-to-make soup, named Pasta e Fagioli, confirms it. Created by the mix of beans, pasta, herbs, olive oil, onion and garlic, Pasta e Fagioli is not only an ideal cozy meal, but also a fantastic source of dietary fiber and blood sugar controlling elements.

At the same time, the combination of pasta and beans in a soup creates the sense of filling, so this recipe is weight-loss friendly! 

Egyptian Foul Mudammas 

Foul Mudammas is a creamy and warm dish of stewed fava beans, typically complemented with fresh vegetables, cumin, herbs, and lemon juice. It is common for Egyptians to serve it with pita bread and eat it as a late breakfast, lunch, or dinner. 

The beans, namely foul Mudammas, are high in protein, cholesterol-free and low fat. Along with the other ingredients in the dish, they can also provide you with a variety of vitamins and healthy nutrients. 

Spanish Gazpacho 

Gazpacho is a refreshing soup from Spain that is met in many variations. Among its common ingredients are tomatoes, cucumber, red bell peppers, onion, garlic, olive oil, bread, vinegar, cumin, sea salt and pepper.  

Why eat it? Well, there are many reasons: It hydrates the body and protects the skin, its tomatoes include antioxidants that are good for your brain, it strengthens your immune system and helps you lose weight and reduce bloating.  

Lebanese hummus 

It is very possible that you are already familiar with this creamy and smooth dip that can be either used as a condiment or simply eaten on its own. This super easy delicacy is made of chickpeas, garlic, and tahini, and garnished with olive oil. 

It should definitely be included in your to-cook list, as it is rich in plant-based protein, vitamins, and minerals, it benefits your good gut bacteria, your heart and your digestion, and protects you from inflammations.