7. SAVORY: Spinach Frittata with Feta

A spinach frittata can be consumed at every time of the day, as it is filling but at the same time light, and rich in various nutrients.

We’ve already talked about the health benefits of spinach and mushrooms, and at this recipe, feta cheese adds not only flavor, but also protein, calcium and phosphorus that foster bone and teeth health, along with B12.



8. SWEET: Blueberry smoothie with Kefir

When your time is limited, it makes sense to choose a healthy on-the-go drink instead of pancakes or a granola bowl. Berries, in general, are an extremely healthy food option, and can help your body in many ways. For example, they promote weight loss and lower your blood pressure, they can keep your mind sharp, and protect your body from serious diseases.

The addition of kefir to this breakfast makes it a nutrients bomb, since kefir contains valuable probiotics while being low in lactose, and it is an excellent source of nutrients, like protein.

9. SAVORY: Lentil Salad with Avocado

You might think that lentils are only for lunch, but you should start thinking of them as a breakfast option, combined with greens and avocado, for an energy boost in the morning. You can also add eggs, either poached or boiled.

Lentils contain protein, fiber, folate, iron, potassium, and manganese, as well as polyphenols that have antioxidant properties. Being rich in all those elements, they help your body steer clear of health problems.

10. SWEET: Fruit Bruschetta with Ricotta Cheese

We just can’t get enough of insta-worthy breakfasts! This one can be made with different kinds of fruits, such as nectarines, kiwis, or strawberries, depending on your tastes, and it can provide you with protein, sourced from ricotta cheese, vitamins, that are mostly contained in the fruits, and useful carbohydrates from the inclusion of the bread.

Ricotta cheese is found to be rich in whey protein, lower in fat compared to other cheeses, and nutrients dense.

11. SAVORY: Hummus Toast

Hummus is a versatile food that can be added in various recipes, offering benefits such as plant-based protein, components that fight inflammation, lots of nutrients, and few calories.

You can make it at home or buy it from a supermarket, spread it on your toast, and-if you like- you can also add veggies like mushrooms, avocado, or tomatoes. Sky is the limit!


12. SWEET: Winter Fruit Salad

Last but not least, a winter salad with fruits is a simple, colorful, and packed with vitamins breakfast.

You can include highly nutritious fruits, like mandarins and oranges, that are especially high in vitamin C, pomegranate, that contains loads of antioxidants, apples, that, among other benefits, support your immune system, and kiwis, that apart from vitamins and antioxidants, are a good source of fiber.

So, 12 breakfasts later, we hope that we have convinced you to start incorporating plant-based foods in your morning routine! Once you adopt this habit, by changing at least one breakfast of the week and giving yourself some time to adapt, you will see a major change in your energy levels, your mood, and you will feel much better compared to starting the day with chocolate croissants and omelets with bacon!