The Mediterranean Diet is not only one of the healthiest and more sustainable diets to follow, but it also includes foods that are very easy to find at any grocery store, and its great variety of food options does not really let room for excuses! This year, let’s commit to sticking to the Mediterranean Diet, that has so much to offer you, with the help of the 4 tips you will find below: 

1. Keep a food journal 

No matter the activity or habit we want to commit to, keeping a journal is one of the best tactics to ensure that we will not deviate from it. So, consider writing down what you are planning to eat every week, and at the end of each day do not forget to write down what you ate and-why not- how much you exercised as well.  

Does the idea of writing make you feel bored already? Of course, this is not an issue, as there is plenty of fitness and diet apps out there, which you can use to track your eating and fitness habits, to have a clear picture of your progress. Plus, another very simple way to keep a record of your meals, is to just take photos of them every day and store them in a specific folder. 

2. Avoid tempting foods 

It might sound kind of obvious, but in reality, many of us do not “protect” ourselves from the triggering foods and beverages out there that can easily make us forget all about our health goal. For example, we often tend to buy unhealthy, processed sweets and chocolate bars from the grocery store, just to have something at home in case we feel cravings.  

Also, we might go to a restaurant that is known for its fast-food menu, or visit a friend, who always offers unhealthy food options, with an empty stomach, so we easily indulge in tempting foods that we did not really want to consume. 

3. Experiment with recipes rich in protein and plants  

As you might already know, the Mediterranean diet focuses on foods that are rich in both animal-based and plant-based protein, like fish or beans, as well as fruits and veggies, that offer you a high intake in vitamins and other valuable elements. We all know that foods rich in carbohydrates and sugars are usually the tastier ones but making protein-dense foods, fruits, and veggies an integral part of your diet is not that hard when you experiment with new recipes and find alternative ways to cook them.  

If you are looking for some inspiration, take a look at our article about healthy food swaps straight from the Mediterranean, and check some healthy vegan dishes as well!  

4. Make it social! 

As we, humans, are highly influenced by our family and social circle, it might be beneficial to involve them in our healthy lifestyle journey and have their support along the way. To begin with, it is important to be mindful when eating and- whenever possible- make mealtime a shared, social experience, without phones, tablets and other distractions leading us to eat impulsively.  

Next time you cook a Mediterranean meal, gather your beloved ones together, or cook with your friends and/or significant other, and instantly you will get more satisfaction from this meal. Others might benefit as well from such experiences, and maybe start adopting this lifestyle themselves, so their support and your commitment to the diet could grow significantly.